Yplatform aspires create the connecting platform among global talented youth and businesses/organizations in the joint effort to strengthen Vietnam’s global competitiveness in different aspects. Our value proposition is: Global Insights – Local Impact.

Since 2010, Yplatform has been building a network of professionals and talented students aiming to achieve 3 main purposes:

– To develop and empower the Youth through training and engagement in solving real business problems;
– To strengthen the Competitiveness of Vietnamese businesses in local and international markets; and
– To generate Insights and knowledge about Vietnamese businesses through facilitating the establishment of industry knowledge and business case resources tailored to Vietnamese business conditions.

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Ychallenge – a flagship project of Yplatform – is an international business case competition on Vietnamese businesses, successfully organized in 2011 and 2012, in Singapore and Vietnam. We worked with the Case Writing Initiative of Singapore Management University (SMU) and top management of leading Vietnamese corporations (e.g. Vinamilk, VNG Corporation, PNJ, Becamex, Tropdicorp) to develop case studies on their real business challenges. Participants challenged themselves in solving business issues from Vietnamese companies, understanding more about company’s operations through the field trips, presenting their findings to company’s top management, and interacting with international friends, judges and business leaders. The case studies were later published to an international academic audience and used for teaching at top business schools.


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We are currently looking for the following roles in:


Outreach + Public Relations (Hanoi, HCMC & everywhere in the world)

In this role, you will be developing and managing our outreach efforts with various types of stakeholders, such as:

      • Press/media (especially business-oriented ones)
      • Businesses (especially Vietnamese companies)
      • Business associations
      • Universities & other academic institutons
      • Venue/Transportation sponsors
      • Intergovernmental organizations, NGOs, foundations,…
      • Other types of supporters (individuals & organizations)

It would be an advantage if you have past experience in developing relationships/partnerships with one or more types of those stakeholders listed above.

Actually, it’s not much what Yplatform can “get”, but really about how Yplatform and our various initiatives (including but not limited to the Ychallenge international business case competition and the Yplatform Solutions initiative) can create benefits and add real values to our partners and the community. Ychallenge 2013 will certainly be one of the main focus areas in the upcoming time. Overall, it’s about building long-term relationships and growing together in the long-run.

You would ensure the satisfaction of partners throughout their engagement with Yplatform and our projects, and you would also have chances to propose recommendations/modifications/additions to Yplatform’s programs/activities in order to better serve their needs and achieve The Yplatform Vision. In certain aspects, you would play an important role in ensuring the financial sustainability for Yplatform as a whole.

You would also think about how Yplatform appears publicly, and how we can best communicate our values and inspire other stakeholders to support our causes and join in our efforts. So you could be like the “voice” of Yplatform to the public and help to inspire others about Yplatform as well as our various initiatives.  It will be up to your imagination and execution in order to plan and achieve such goals.

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Community & Youth Development (Hanoi, HCMC & everywhere in the world)

One of the goals of Yplatform is to build up a vibrant community of talented and passionate young people (students and young professionals) who are passionate about increasing Vietnam’s competitiveness in multiple aspects, especially those related to business/economics. You will be like the main “drivers” for this initiative. You would find ways to connect and engage the youth as well as brainstorm, develop and organize frequent programs/activities/presence (both offline and online) that can help build up such communiy (in alignment with The Yplatform Vision).

We also hope to engage the participants in our activities such as Ychallenge into a sustainable community, with a long-term focus, not just only in one-off events/projects.

To succeed in this role, it would be an advantage if you have a strong academic background with a passion about business/economics, and you know how to connect and engage those who share a similar passion.

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Marketing Communications (Hanoi, HCMC & everywhere in the world)

In this role, you will be planning and executing our marketing communications efforts, especially for the upcoming Ychallenge 2013 international business case competition. You could also have chances to work on other initiatives of Yplatform as well.

There are various ways to do so, including through both online means (e.g. Facebook, website, YouTube, newsletters, etc.) as well as offline means (e.g. holding offline events/mini-contests, building value-added relationships with other youth groups, etc.). You would be responsible for the design, content, and promotion through all available channels. It will up to your imagination and execution in order to plan and achieve such things. Additionally, you would also be coordinating with our international team in Singapore (and other countries) in such marketing communications efforts.

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Event Management

You will be managing the event operations of Ychallenge 2013 business case competition in HCMC (Vietnam), specially in December 2013. This year, we will organize both the semi-final round and final round, as well as the field trip, in Ho Chi Minh City, for a large number of international participants/experts, so your role would be a lot more important and strategic.

In this role, you would be liaising with various other departments/teams in order to put together a successful event. You will be managing all logistics, materials, welfare, and operations aspects so as to ensure that the Ychallenge 2013 event is smoothly run and our participants and partners are satisfied.

To succeed in this role, it would be an advantage if you have experience or know-hows in managing teams and/or organizing large-scale events, and ensuring the quality as well as the satisfaction of those involved. Additionally, you would also be good at cost management so that we can have a successful event but with minimal expenses.

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Media producers / Designers / Writers (Hanoi, HCMC & everywhere in the world)

You would help to inspire the world and the community through your articles, designs and media products (e.g. video clips, infographics, etc.) Actually, it’s not much about Yplatform, but really about whether and how Yplatform can create inspiration and bring real values to the community through such articles/designs/media products. You would play a very important role in communicating the message from Yplatform to the community, and help to transform complicated information/concepts into easy-to-understand and inspiring messages. And if you don’t feel like filling in the application form below, you can just simply write to join.vietnam@yplatform.vn and we can discuss further.


Technologists (Hanoi, HCMC & everywhere in the world)

There may not be a “job description” here. So let’s put it this way: If you think yourself as a “technologist” and you can think of a way in which technology can help further the cause of Yplatform as a whole, please let us know. Think of it like a “blank sheet of paper” and we would love to hear any suggestions/proposals. For this “technologist” role, you don’t even need to fill in the application form below, but you can just simply write to join.vietnam@yplatform.vn and we can discuss further.


Your own proposed role(s) (Hanoi, HCMC & everywhere in the world)

 As long as you think you have the drive and you can contribute to the Yplatform initiative in any other roles/methods, please feel free to put forward your proposals/suggestions/ideas. Actually, Yplatform is meant to be a journey, and we are always looking for like-minded people who share our ideals and vision. So we would very much love to hear from you. You are encouraged to write to join.vietnam@yplatform.vn so that we can discuss further.


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Thank you very much for your interest in joining the Yplatform journey. Please feel free to email us at join.vietnam@yplatform.vn should you have any questions, and we will try to get back to you as soon as possible.


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