For the students:

Programmes to develop the youth especially in research and problem solving skills (including training programmes and Ychallenge business case competitions)

  • Training guidelines from respected international business schools
  • Business insights shared by consultants and professionals from renowned MNCs
  • Hands-on experience gained from engagements with real business issues through short-term consulting projects, research projects, business case competitions, etc.

Please click on Business Case Competitions and Training & Development for more information.


For the businesses:

Quality and innovative slutions with international insights catered to the needs of Vietnamese companies

  • Market research
  • Business strategy
  • Operational improvement
  • International expansion
  • Talent outreach
  • Case study development

Please click on Consulting Engagements and Networking Opportunities for more information.


For the academia/public:

Business cases and industry knowledge

  • Case studies developed from engagements with local Vietnamese businesses
  • Knowledge & insights generated from business engagements and international experience
  • Sharing of such knowledge/insights through publications, conferences, online channels, etc.

Please click on Case Studies and Research & Analysis and Conferences & Talks for more information.